YV Sharma slams Mehbooba for hurling ‘baseless allegations’ against BJP Govt

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, July 4: YV Sharma, the BJP spokesperson, today slammed Mehbooba Mufti for hurling what he called as “baseless allegations” against the BJP Government over the destabilisation of the NCP in Maharashtra.
Sharma emphasized that Mehbooba’s claims against the BJP Government’s use of agencies like the ED (Enforcement Directorate) to break up the NCP party headed by Sharad Pawar were baseless. He pointed out that the rift in the NCP was due to Sharad Pawar’s decision to pass the party leadership to his daughter, Supriya Sule, instead of the more experienced Ajit Pawar.
Sharma further argued that Mehbooba, coming from a similar background of family-run political parties, should not feign ignorance about such internal conflicts.
“Blaming the ED, CBI, and other agencies was futile, as they operate based on specific information,” Sharma said in a statement. He defended the BJP Government’s efforts to ensure accountability and discipline among wrongdoers, especially in economic and financial matters.
Sharma also accused Mehbooba of being two-faced, citing her role in destabilizing the coalition Government with the Congress party in 2008. He claimed that her decision to withdraw support was driven by personal rivalry with Ghulam Nabi Azad, rather than the stated reason of land allotment for Amarnath pilgrims.
Furthermore, Sharma criticized Mehbooba’s actions, including pouring water over a Shiva Lingam in Poonch, while her late father’s followers had previously torched Shiva Temples in the Kashmir valley.
He alleged that the Mufti family orchestrated the kidnapping of Mehbooba’s sister Rubiya Syed in 1989 to secure the release of hardcore terrorists.
Sharma concluded by referring to the Rasana case, where a young girl was killed in Kathua, stating that a recently published book by Madhu Purnima Kishtwar, titled “The Girl from Kathua,” shed light on the alleged complicity of the Mehbooba Government in obstructing justice.
He called on the courts to take note of the book and bring the culprits and instigators, regardless of their influence or political affiliations, to justice.
Sharma urged the people of Jammu and Kashmir to recognize the duplicity of leaders like Mehbooba Mufti and the detrimental implications of their policies in destabilizing India.
He called on them to support the Narendra Modi Government’s vision of inclusive development and cautioned against family-run political parties promoted by opposition parties with their primary focus on protecting their own dynasties.