Youth worst victims of Omar-led Govt: Mehbooba

Excelsior Correspondent
SRINAGAR, Nov 22:  People’s Democratic Party (PDP) president, Mehbooba Mufti today said that Omar-led Government has started a “war” against the youth who have been made the worst victims of this State.
“It seems the Government is out on a mission to destroy the future of this state by targeting its youth. It seems to be deliberate, systematic and planned,” Mehbooba told media conference.
Targeting the Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, Mehbooba said he was celebrated as a youth icon who would prove the ultimate solution to problems of this State, but five years down the line and at the fag end of its tenure this Government has left no section of the society untouched by its inefficiency, insensitivity and outright horror.
She said Omar Abdullah should come clean on the role of the Government in re-employing retired officials. “The Chief Minister must come clean on his own role in repeated appointment of the former chairman of BOPEE. How could this person of dubious character be handpicked for such sensitive assignments as selection of trainees and Government employees,” she asked.
The PDP president said the BOPEE scandal has not just brought out the worst practices followed by Government institutions but it establishes beyond doubt the direct complicity of this Government in the scam.
“We have for many years been raising the issue of re employment of retired persons in high positions, most of who have been known only for their lack of integrity,” said Mehbooba.
“Are there no good and honest officers left in this administration who could do the same job without any extra expenditure? Is this Government not demoralising its own administration, blocking promotion avenues of efficient officers and promoting corruption to build fortunes through dishonest officials who are later rewarded through extensions and re employment,” the PDP president asked.
Mehbooba said that it is not the crime by some officer within the system but by an individual who was imposed purposely. “The Chief Minister owes an explanation for this atrocity on the talented and hardworking youth and he has to come clean on this,” she said.


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