Your Shopping Guide on Buying Jewellery this Dhanteras

While Diwali is just around the corner, so is the propitious occasion of Dhanteras. The festival of lights calls for happiness, and a great way to match the bright glow is through the radiance of diamonds and gold. Purchasing ornaments during auspicious occasions like Dhanteras and Navratri isn’t just a practice for preserving old Indian rituals but is also a smart investment.

‘Dhan’ means wealth, while ‘Teras’ means the thirteenth lunar day of the Vikram Samvat Hindu calendar. Hence, Dhanteras is considered an extremely auspicious day for purchasing silver, diamond, or gold jewellery. It’s believed that purchasing something new on this day brings prosperity and helps invite the Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi, into your house.

If you still haven’t decided what jewellery to purchase this Dhanteras, we’ve got you covered. Below are a few ideas to help make jewellery shopping easy for you.

  • Add a Tinge of Bling with Gold Bangles or Rings:

Jewellery with beautiful embellishments, like rings and bangles, can offer a surprise element to a woman’s overall attire and enhance the beauty of her delicate hands. The captivating designs in lightweight gold chains ensure that your Diwali appearance is perfect and give the much-needed bling when you embrace Sarees, Anarkalis, or an ethnic Gown.

  • Shine Bright with Gold & Diamond Necklace:

Spending on premium jewellery, such as gold and diamond necklaces, might enhance your fortune this Dhanteras. The right combination of gold, diamond or colorful gemstones will not just enhance your neckline but will also give that exquisite yet elegant shine. Whether a family dinner party or an office Dhanteras bash, a necklace can elevate the reason for celebration!

  • Amplify your Look with Earrings:

Diamond earrings can illuminate the real beauty in you on Dhanteras. Dangling diamond earrings are an evergreen choice to enhance the feel and look of a traditional outfit. Whether it’s a Saree or a Long Dress, these sparklers, shaped like fireworks, will maintain everyone’s attention upon you.

However, if you like to keep things simple, you can choose from a variety of small diamond-studded earrings, like floral studs or heart-shaped studs. Be it a day event or a Diwali dinner, a pair of studs are perfect for adding just the right amount of sparkle to your personality without looking too heavy.

  • Be a Trendsetter with Gold and Diamond Pendants:

Set new style statements by purchasing unique gold and diamond pendants this Dhanteras. These days, letter pendants have become a rage among people and are ideal for boosting not just your fashion game but also for personalized gifting.

Though we primarily link jewellery to women, many men also adorn it to showcase their style. Letter pendants threaded to simple gold chains for men can be paired with traditional outfits like sherwanis, bandhgala jackets, dhotis and kurtas this Diwali for memorable moments.

  • Keep it classy with Nose Pins:

Are you one of those women who likes to keep things simple yet classy without much effort? Then a nose pin might be a great option for you. From diamond nose pins to gold nose pins, round nose pins to plain gold nose pins, you will find a variety of chic nose pins available in the market.

The contrast and uniqueness of the nose pins bring out the best in you and are perfect for making a statement. So, choose the one you feel best complements your style and the outfit you plan on wearing and be a trendsetter this festive season.

Wrapping Up:

As we get closer to the festival of Diwali, everything surrounding us begins changing. Bright lights illuminate our homes, and innocent smiles glee up faces everywhere! There is a reason we wait for Diwali so eagerly. The lights that eliminate the darkness around us and the joy of the festivity make us want to see the best across everything.

As your house gets the makeover that it needs this Diwali, your precious jewellery collection should too. With the fireworks and diyas at display trying to take away your spotlight, boost your sparkle quotient and grab attention towards your true self with some classy yet elegant jewellery. This Dhanteras, take some inspiration from the above list and buy modern or traditional jewellery that adds shine to your celebration and makes it extra special!