Yet another ‘penal’ action against Pakistan

The time tested saying to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds is perhaps feigned to be not understood by Pakistan. In other words, while it cannot abandon its State policy of promoting and sponsoring terrorism, the civilized world community, on the other hand, wants that country to mend its ways seriously, now, in deeds and not in words. The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has decided to keep Pakistan on its ‘Grey’ list as in its considered opinion, it has failed to curb choking the channels of funds to the terror groups like LeT and JeM and similar other groups.
Not only has Pakistan been getting exposed more vividly day in day out about its ‘committed’ policy of sponsoring terrorism on continued basis but has been evading and avoiding the international pressures especially from the US in respect of taking credible, verifiable, irreversible and sustainable measures to address global concerns related to terrorism and terror related financing. While FATF’s observations about Pakistan have been the most strident, India has advised it to comply with the norms prescribed by the international terror financing watchdog by Sept 2019. Pakistan, however, has “criticised” India terming the same ‘unwarranted and preposterous’. In other words, Pakistan has conveyed “Hum nahin sudhreyn gey” even if at an unaffordable cost.