World in flux

Satyarth Pandita
“Seasons they will change, life will make you grow
Dreams will make you cry, cry, cry
Everything is temporary, everything will slide.”
Imagine Dragons(Birds)
Why do we say- ‘The Past’, ‘The Present’, ‘The Future’? Why don’t we have a single notion to depict time? Each of these has its own value in this universe, its own way of making things happen, its own way of being a reason of someone’s happiness or misery. They are independent in their own terms. The past can never be the present and the present can never be the future. The clock is ticking. Everything on this earth is constantly changing, constantly evolving. Somewhere a life is blooming and in another place death casts its spell. Somewhere a caterpillar is undergoing metamorphosis where as somewhere a baby is turning into a teen. Nothing is permanent in this universe. The patterns of the nature keep changing and enthralling us. Everyone and everything in this world is changing and striving hard to survive. Life is not easy for anyone. Even the organisms of the microcosm are also competing and struggling everyday to survive.
In our case [humans], the poor is striving hard for food and shelter; the people with high status are struggling to maintain their stature, the students are struggling hard to get admissions in the best colleges, the politicians are constantly pondering over ways to fool people. Every single creature on this earth who has ‘life’ is constantly changing because no one wants to be the same as it hinders the organisms’ survival. Many people succeed in accomplishing the goal they crave for whereas many people don’t even know what they truly desire and they end up spending life with desires that remain unfulfilled. Life is testing everyone irrespective of his nature and those who pay heed to these lessons survive and move on whereas those who don’t, are destined to doom.
But in spite of all this we must remember and make ourself aware of the fact that everything is temporary. Nothing is permanent in this universe. Even the stars that we see today shining have died a long while ago. A river also changes its course when the necessity arises. Even the seasons dont remain the same nor the days and so do our problems. Everybody wants to have a smooth and happy life. No one wants to face difficulties. And those who do, eventually end up being frustrated because they give in to the process. But they neglect the fact that being frustrated is a sign of progress, that their mind needs to get some more focus to overcome the problems. The main hinderance in way of success is that everytime we humans encounter a problem, we tend to look for ways and methods that give us pseudo control of ourselves which is dangerous. We fail to bring out our true potential. We prefer ideas, methods and procedures that are comforting and less challenging; which is actually a poor way of tackling things. John Keats says, “I leaped headlong into the sea and thereby became better acquainted with the soundings, the quicksands and the rocks, than if i had stayed upon the green shore and…took tea and comfortable advise.”We wont even remember most for our problems a couple of years from now on but that does not mean that the problems will cease. Our attitude and the way of dealing with things would not only decide our nature but our cousre of life as well. The only mantra is to get up, take risks and keep going, because in the end everything is temporary and nothing lasts forever.