World Amidst Flames

O.P Sharma

Book Name: World Amidst Flames, in English

Author : R.C Gupta
Price: Rs.300

This 199-pages book in English entitled “World Amidst Flames” depicts the overall picture of the globe facing critical issues endangering potent threats to conflicts. The well known author, R.C Gupta, ex-Deputy Secretary has written some books on administrative matters concerning legal issues. He is well versed in administrative structure, its intricacies and malpractises at the higher level.
He has remained thick in the struggle for reform and fine tuning of the administrative set up in J&K for justice to the common man.
The book contains 11 chapters encompassing the wide- range of critical situations which may ignite the conflicts leading to potential danger to entire entire mankind.
The chapters include: The Youth and their importance; The world at a Glance; Terrorism Vs Heaven and Earth; China’s expansionism great threat to the world; Is India like world amidst flame? The role of criminals and butchers.
Danger Signals
In the book, Mr. Gupta argues “the Universe which is an Aashiana and blessed by Almighty God and maintains its sanctity and grace so that this wonderful gift of Nature would not become a TABELLA.”
To maintain global peace and order, it is essential that UNO is radically reformed, restructured and revitalized to make it pivotal instrument to avert and avoid effectively and timely all the conflicts between the nations.
Sanity Must Prevail
Main argument of Mr. Gupta is: “The elements working against India and supporting anti-India neighbouring countries such as China and Pakistan deserve to be dealt under stringent laws treating them as the agents of Pakistan and China to destabilize Indian administration.
Government of India should consider tightening such elements.”
R.C Gupta is an eminent social and intellectual figure who has penned his experiences in a number of books sharing his ideas and information about his personal struggle for socio-economic justice. He has his own style of writing that does not follow the norms and format of writing books.
Relentless Struggle
He has used Hindi, Urdu and simple English and made the book interesting and informative. It may be pointed out that Mr. Gupta has strong spirit of nationalism and is a public spirited person.
The book under review narrates the story of his personal struggle of approaching the highest constitutional, judicial and administrative high-ups pleading for ushering in socio-economic justice and eradication of malpractices in administration. The book should be read by one and all.