Working from Home A New Culture

Agrita Chhibber
If we zoom into past a lot of things have changed since then. Initially, the populace did not have a much broader aspect they believed walking for hours or traveling to the workplace is the only way to earn their bread, but today they are aware of technology and how to use it for their own gain. People are constantly looking for new and convenient ways to earn their income by being in their comfort zone. Yes, a lot of people in the current era are opting for work from home especially our female audience.
The technology today has made life very simple and dreams are not dreams anymore. In the past women were not allowed to step out of their house to showcase their skills to the world, but today they all have access to their dreams with a laptop or a cell phone. The technology has given them the freedom to be their own boss and no need to cover lengthy commute. Women today have the absolute freedom to pursue their job. Work from home comes under two categories: You can join an online internship/job to earn your income or you can start your own brand or business to earn your income.
Flipping through the pages of past years, the story it narrates is of sacrifice. Many girls had to leave their job as their in-laws were not open to the idea of their daughter in law working out till late hours. This snatched away their right to work and to contribute to the growth of a company. And in the end they became financially dependent upon their partner. But today many old school workplaces are becoming flexible and employees are provided with an option of work from home to serve their company. Now many girls are pursuing their work even after getting married and managing both home and work with ease. Kudos!
For students who are looking for some part-time jobs find it really convenient to join an online internship according to their skills like teaching, writing, digital marketing, and so on. These internships pay a quite fair stipend that gives you a feeling of being economically independent. These internships don’t cost you anything no traveling and no payment to join the specific program. All it does is, enhances your skills by working as an intern under a reputed company by sitting in your place. Being a jammuite you may feel you are not getting desired opportunities to learn and polish your raw skills. But this ain’t true as it is a matter of clicking on pages like Internshala and getting yourself registered. Don’t find reasons to pity your position, Google your road to growth! I hope you all decoded my idea. “I previously did an internship with Internshala in Digital Marketing it was a great experience overall, as the team-taught various things and work was observed from time to time,” said Nikhil.
“I did an online content writing internship with a reputed firm that gave me a lot of learning about SEO and how content works on the internet. These things can only be learned by doing and for that, you have ample internship pages to get hired. But before starting do find your niche it is a great benefit.” said Sneha.
Many start-ups have erupted. Today no one wants to sit idle and fan away the time. There is huge trend of vlogging and blogging. Many women are into this business of blogging by getting their hands on beauty products, through their blog they promote it or review it for buyers it has become a new way to promote their working skills and earn by being their own boss. There are unlimited ideas to start your own blog or vlog. If you have some unique kitchen skills or are the master chef of your family start your own YouTube channel and promote it through your Instagram page. Keep your viewers hooked to your page through regular updates. It may not shoot to stars at the start but constant hard work pays off. Many women have started their online shopping page on Instagram as the side business. These pages comprise of imitation jewelry, suits, dresses, and various other things. Instagram is the hub of start-ups. It is all about the type of skill you possess and then working towards it. “I started my online shopping page on Instagram. My page comprises of Pakistani dresses and I received a welcoming response although in initial steps it was not easy to get in touch with the greater audience as time passed people became aware of it” said an Instagram store owner.
In some cases, it is the duty of the boss to look after his staff. If a staff member has an ailing family member at home he/she won’t be able to concentrate on work, instead of the asset they can become a liability or if they had an accident that demands long term bed rest in such scenario they should be befitted for work from home. Employees too should be regular about their work in such cases. Many employees are satisfied with their work routine as their company provides them relaxation in tough times to work from home. It has been recorded that may employees have shown great results and positive growth.
Overall, working from home is a 21st Century idea that liberates you from traditional working. It gives you an ocean of opportunities at an early age because today they believe there’s no specific age to establish yourself. All you need is an opportunity and Google baba provides you with it, he never disappoints anyone!
Everything has a positive and negative aspect, so here is a list of the pros and cons of working from home.
Pros :
Bye-bye commute. (No UV attacks)
Ample of time. (Do this and try that!)
Work in your pajamas (Dream!)
More Me-Time & Family time (low stress)
Flexibility in the schedule (if not in body!)
Zero Human interaction ( good or bad)
Home is the workplace now.
Delayed submission.
Lacks productivity.
Work from home demands self-discipline as you are under no constant supervision. Choose your domain wisely!