Women and Child Rights Commission

There could absolutely be no room for any divergence of opinion in respect of ensuring that rights of women and children needed to be effectively safeguarded and it is quite baffling if not agonising, that the successive State Governments apparently had no concern for these most vital segments of our society excepting dishing out of impressively worded statements or lectures on the fixed event days . It is not that requirement of some agency, commission or a constituted body was not being felt but perhaps these Governments had other “pressing priorities”. There was one Women’s Commission for the name sake and which failed to deliver and hence slipped into a state of dormancy.
Under the circumstances, it is in the fitness of things that Governor Satya Pal Malik has given approval for establishment of a composite Commission for safeguarding and protection of the rights of women and children which are forming a major portion of the society. Not only this, sufficient number of courts too are sought to be set up for speedy trial of offences against them.It has also been decided that the proposed Commission would review the existing provisions of the constitution of Jammu and Kashmir and laws affecting women and children and recommend necessary amendments.
Let us hope that the proposed new Commission will address the sensitive issues of the rights of women and children and see how best they could be safeguarded and justice delivered to the aggrieved ones. The enactment of the new legislation by repealing the State Commission for Women Act has given sufficient powers to the new Commission and we urge the administration not to let the Commission suffer infrastructural deficiencies in respect of manpower and whole time Chairperson.