Woes of Provident Fund subscribers

The Government by establishing the office of Provident Fund Organization at Jammu intended to provide due facilities to the working class by way of crediting in to their Accounts Numbers their monthly Provident Fund installments along with the due share of the employer, so the same could prove a source of help to them in times of need.
Lakhs of employees working in semi-government and private sector are contributing towards this fund but the ugly scene of the picture is that whenever an employee intends to withdrawn the amount, he is subjected to harassment and no case is settled without greasing the palms of the hands involved in settling the said case.
The officer sitting at the senior levels are simple mute spectators and  seem that by maintaining the meaningful silence, they have become part of this illegal trade.
There should have been a defined code vide which, the withdrawal cases should be settled within that time frame and without pertaining any harassment or mental torture to the poor helpless employee.
In order to check the working of the organization, a surprise check by a special team including the official from Vigilance Organization is required to be conducted so that a time picture about the allegation leveled could emerge.
We expect that the Chief Minister may intervene in the matter.
Yours etc….
Vishal Singh Rathore
Sarol Bagh, Bhaderwah