Witnessed changes in Hollywood post #MeToo, says Margot Robbie

LOS ANGELES, Jan 6: Actor Margot Robbie says she has witnessed positive changes in Hollywood following movements such as #MeToo and Time’s Up.
The “Mary Queen of Scots” actor told Sunday Today that her new film and upcoming project “Birds of Prey” are examples of the changed mindset in the film industry.
“Right now, I’m promoting a film directed by a woman. I just wrapped a film where most heads of departments where female roles, it’s a female-led ensemble piece. And I’m in prep for a film with a second-time female director with a big budget behind it,” Robbie said.
“I think up until recent times, saying that and actually getting people to put their money behind that, were two different conversations. I think it’s easy to say, ‘Yes, wouldn’t that be nice,’ it’s quite another to say, ‘Yes, I’ll sign off on that decision,'” she added.
“Mary Queen of Scots”, which also features Saoirse Ronan, released in US last November. (PTI)