Wither will power to remove structures

The directives of the highest court of the state must be honoured in dealing with removal of illegal constructions and encroachments on the state land near bed of River Tawi from Nagrota to Phalain Mandal. What for were lists of violators prepared, drawing of schedules and calendars chalked out and other “preparations” made when it was not backed by a strong will power of the administration to implement? Is anyone in the administration appearing to have any concern about the current condition of this historically famous river on account of mushrooming of illegal structures raised on and near its banks knowing fully that people of Jammu are emotionally attached with this river.
It may be recalled that Division Bench of the State High Court had passed fresh directions on July 20 this year to Divisional Commissioner Jammu and other concerned agencies like Jammu Development Authority, Jammu Municipal Corporation and Irrigation and Flood Control Department to forthwith start the process of dismantling and removing all illegal structures and constructions. These include encroachments of either residential and commercial nature or the ones currently built on the “Sarkari” land near the river bed right from Nagrota to Phalain Mandal. Why have these directives not been implemented so far as it constitutes showing disregard towards the court orders and is quite unwarranted. Moreover, it is not one direction but many in the series from the High Court on the issue which are directly related to saving the rampant pillage and ransacking of the river .
The plea that the administrative machinery was busy in the process of holding elections to Urban Local Bodies and could not get time to implement the directives of the court holds little water and appears just an excuse, perhaps, in a vain bid to keep the violators away from facing the destined action. We hope that the process of demolition and removing of illegal structures would now be started with all the zeal and gusto.


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