Completion of nuclear triad

That our nuclear arsenal is for peace may sound oxymoronic but it is a fact that India, historically speaking, has never arm twisted, subjugated or attacked any country even when it had mightiest empires ruling the country which in strength were ahead of the levels in the contemporary world. That emanates from our traditional belief in peace and mutual coexistence but should someone dare launch an aggression or indulge in any sort of violation of our sovereignty and territorial integrity that country cannot go unpunished let alone succeed in its plans. It is a proud moment for the country that nuclear submarine Arihant successfully completed its first deterrence patrol on 5th instant making the completion of the country’s nuclear triad.
Describing the credible nuclear deterrence as the need of the hour in the present day era, Prime Minister Narendra Modi maintained that the deterrence like Arihant gives the fitting response to those who are in the habit of indulging in nuclear blackmail against our country. Day in and day out, we hear such blackmailing tactics from Pakistan being its habit developed over years but now turned into an addiction and the Prime Minister without naming the country concerned meant what he wanted to pinpoint.Can this feat achieved by India and having developed such a type of maritime power which otherwise is in possession of a few countries only, lead to developing of friendship between Pakistan and India though looking out of context but the same cannot be ruled out as any conflict where nuclear warheads could be used would spell disaster in unprecedented degrees for a country smaller in size and yet smaller in technology and resources.
India had air and land nuke missile launching capabilities but not from its seas which Arihant did successfully by completing its maiden deterrence patrol. Like this, maritime strike capabilities of the Navy are accomplished. This submarine has become the harbinger of fearlessness for the country.
Hard work and commitment of soldiers and the talent, concentration, attentiveness and dedication of our scientists associated with this work is highly praiseworthy. Without their undaunted hard work,it could not have been possible and that also well within the timeframe. The Prime Minister commended their efforts. He said that this “feat” dispelled all doubts and questions about India’s capability and resolve. Though a lot is still to be done, looking to the lurking dangers to the country, India has to be a step ahead of those countries in the region in defence preparedness which are potent danger to our security and sovereignty.