Winning Subject Combinations for BA

Gauri Chhabra

Over the past few years there has been a gravitation of the students towards a BA degree. It is no more considered to be the easiest resort. More and more students are choosing BA as an option over Medical and Non Medical streams. However, once they choose to go this route, they face the confusion about the subject combinations they need to choose from. Below are some winning subject options that would hold you in good stead and cover maximum surface area for choosing career options.

Psychology, Sociology, Economics
A BA with these combinations will open doors in economic, social, and fields of Psychology.  Sociology and economics as social sciences are closely related. While Economics deals with the production, consumption and distribution of wealth, sociology allows us to study these aspects in relation to the societal structures.
Institute Scape
*     Jain University, Bangalore
*     AIMS Institute, Bangalore
*     The Oxford College of Arts, Bangalore
*     Christ University, Bangalore
*     St. Xavier’s College- Autonomous, Mumbai
*     CMR Group of Institutions provides B.A. (Hons.), Bangalore
Career Scape
This is one of the best combinations that provides you an opportunity to specialize in any one of the three leading subjects. Most graduates with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology who don’t go onto further study find work in fields such as business administration, sales or education. You  can also find work in the community and social services sector as counselors, mental health workers and psychiatric aides, or in criminal justice/forensic psychology as correctional and police officers, parole and probation officers, and interviewers for various criminal justice agencies. NGOs and International organizations are also seeking who have studied psychology.
You may also find work as sociology research assistants, but most of you wind up in other fields, such as social services, administration, management, or sales and marketing. An undergraduate degree in sociology might also qualify college graduates to work as case managers, child care workers or homeless/housing workers or move into education administration or teaching,.
Studying economics will equip you with a strong grasp of economic principles which will help to make more informed decision and get into the government sector, banks, accountancy, insurance companies, regulatory bodies etc.
Sociology, Political Science,
This program actually prepares you  to become a generalist that the civil services exam requires. The other interesting fields such as Journalism and mass- communication, Law, management, NGOs, Education, film making etc are open for further explorations. It may also happen that the students get empowered enough with the skills needed to begin with their own start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures.
Institute Scape
*BBK DAV College for Women, Amritsar
*Christ University, Bangalore
*St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore
*Elphistone College, Mumbai
Career Scape
Sociology as a career is not only a very enticing career but also many options. The career is diverse in terms of the specializations that one can choose from. Research institutes, the criminal justice system, public health and welfare organizations, private businesses, law firms, international agencies, medical centers, educational institutions, advertising firms, survey and polling organizations are only some of the example where people from this background are required. There are options of working in other sectors with area specialists to help function. People like economists, political scientists, anthropologists, psychologists and social workers also require the assistance to make the right choices in their field. Being a sociologist asks for a lot of patience along with dedication to their work. Employers will look for people with good communication and research skills along with the capacity for detailed observation. A student pursuing studies in political science can choose a career according to his/her choice. After completing bachelors/masters program in political science, several opportunities are available in both government and private sectors. Politics, public administration, law, and marketing fields are always in need of good political scientists. Political scientists even can opt for campaign management, polling and electoral politics, and university and college teaching. The career prospects in political science have widened enough in the voluntary organization sectors, such as NGOs. The international voluntary organizations, like UNO, have huge scope for proficient political scientists across the world. Besides, they can join media houses as political journalists and political researchers/analysts. Economics is perhaps the only Arts course that requires the student to be a little swift in Maths. While most economists have advanced degrees (in most cases a Phd), there are many lucrative career opportunities for those choosing Economics at the undergraduate level. Data analysis, banking and finance, and market analysis are some avenues open to aspirants. Some even go on to becoming stock brokers. Also, top universities abroad offering international relations as a course expect students to have a background in economics.
Journalism, Psychology and Elective English:
The Journalism course aims at moulding the student for a career in Journalism, both print and broadcasting and in allied fields like Advertising, Film, and Public Relations. The course introduces various facets of the profession of the journalism to the students with theoretical knowledge and on the job training. Psychology introduces you to various psychological processes with a view to developing a holistic outlook towards life and prepares them for a great career ahead. The programme offers papers from different disciplines of psychology along with laboratory and field experience, elementary statistics and research. The major objective of the course is to impart core knowledge in primary disciplines of psychology and its relevance in the current context.
Institute Scape
* Christ University, Bangalore
* Kristu Jayanti College, Bangalore
Career Scape
This course is beneficial to provide a firm foundation for the students to either go directly get into media or go in for higher studies. You  can have jobs in news and media companies. They can become teachers in government and private schools both on private and regular basis. HR, health associated professions, hospitals etc. offer an exciting and amazing career path for students of psychology. Pertaining to journalism and English, some of the options include writing for national, regional and local newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations and online publications and companies involved in public relation, corporate communications, content writing and marketing. You  can pursue post-graduation and expand it with further studies.


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