Will Modi Govt apply economic criteria to the creamy layer of reserved categories

Rakesh Jalali
By introducing 103rd constitutional amendment, which provides for 10 percent reservation to the economically backward sections of the general category in the Government jobs and educational institutions, Modi Government is understood to have played a masterstroke, first time in the history of independent India. The idea of invoking a new ordinance never came up before, into the minds of lawmakers from previous Governments in past so many years, despite the fact, there were considerable numbers of think tanks in the previous regimes, during the governance of Congress ruled Governments. But surprisingly, none of them could evolve a sincere mechanism to find out the concrete solution for the upliftment of weaker and poor section, within the upper class (Swarn Jaati).
The economically backward masses, within the general category, were the most deprived lot since ages, due to the poor & ill conceived doctrine of all the previous Governments in past.
According to a survey, there are estimated to be around 190 mn people in country, who could avail the benefit, under the ambit of this new welfare scheme. More interestingly, there are many unprivileged poor people within the upper class in the country, who are not even able to make both the ends meet. There are people in this particular class, who have been suffering since ages by the sheer neglect of previous Governments in past, mainly the Congress run Governments, who never in the past arena, since India’s independence, could have devised out a strategy to facilitate this particular section of downtrodden masses, who were cursed to have a tag of “swarn Jaati”, (Upper class) who always lived in a most distressed and deplorable conditions.
By introducing this bill (10 percent reservation quota) for this particular section of society, Modi Govt. has covered a very long journey in no time, with just one master stroke, which i would call it a,… “Modi Stroke”.
More interestingly, every citizen of this country has been noticeably eyeing since decades, the manner in which congress party’s most popular slogan of “Ghreebi Hatao” yielded nothing short of miseries to this particular section.
It was in year 1971, when during parliamentary elections, the then Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi had chanted “Ghareebi Hatao” slogan and same slogan was once again echoed in by the Congress president Rahul Gandhi, while on 28th of January, had twitted further: “we can not build a new India with millions of our brothers and sisters suffer from scourge of poverty, if voted to power in 2019, Congress is committed to minimim guaranteed income to each poor person, to eradicate poverty.
Since 1971, there has been a vast period of 48 odd years, whilst “Ghareebi Hatao” slogan became very popular before every election, all these years, but eventually couldn’t eradicate the poverty in real sense,….and now same slogan repeated by Rahul Gandhi with a promise to eradicate it, if voted to power in 2019 Parliamentary elections.
If you go a way back, where you are reminded of an old remark made by the former congress Prime Minister, Narsimha Rao, quoted as saying, “ what you promise for future, is strengthened by what you have done in the past, if you have done nothing in past and promised everything in future, your credibility suffers”,….these were the words of wisdom, given by Narsimha Rao to his party.
Be it known to all the readers, post independence 1947, some major initiatives were taken to facilitate SC, ST and OBC’s with certain quota of reservation in educational institutions and Government jobs to uplift this particular section of society as they were supposed to be the most deprived and neglected lot of reserved category,..living a miserable life.
Now during all these seventy odd years, they had been continuously enjoying the privilege of getting absorbed into the Government jobs and educational institutions, purely on quota bases, the percentage of which kept on increasing with time to time review of all the successive Governments. But most astonishingly, the upper creamy layer of the reserved categories (SC/ST) went on becoming more privileged and well placed whereas, the lower layer of reserved categories went down the order in most distressed conditions, with the result, the gap between the two wings of the same category became more wider. Most interestingly, the creamy layer within the reserved categories became economically more stable than the lower layer of same category.
In order to remove this economic discrepancy between the two wings of the same category (Reserved category), will Modi Governments’ next move shall be, ” to apply the same economic criteria with its magic wand to the creamy layer of reserved categories in order to further accommodate the economically weaker section of the people down the order, within the reserved categories (SC/ST).. who are still living in most deplorable conditions and could never ever come up the BPL mark…??
If done so, it shall further restrict the creamy layer within the reserved categories to avail the “reservation tauffa”, (bonanza) may eventually enable the weaker section within the same category (Lower layer) to avail the reservation quota benefits and finally may result into the economic upliftment of these have nots (Lower layer of reserved categories), ultimately may make the uniformity in diversity of their economic standards.
It may be further mentioned that reservation quota bill was introduced by Government for the General category (Upper class) and if, in event of Modi Govt applying the economic criteria to the creamy layer of reserved categories, it may, in coming years, bring uniformity within each layer of all the sections of the society and may also help in determining the per capita income (PCI) or average income or even per capita GDP.