Will end corruption that holds you back, Rahul tells students in letter

NEW DELHI, Dec 6: Congress president Rahul Gandhi has assured students the party will do everything it can to ensure they have direct access to opportunities and end corruption which holds them back.
In a letter to students, Gandhi said they are nation-builders and nations today forge ahead not with war, but with advances in science, technology, art and literature.
The letter, translated in all regional languages, will be distributed by the NSUI in colleges across the country as part of the party’s ‘Behtar Bharat’ (Better India) campaign to mobilise students around an egalitarian students agenda, a statement said.
“Societies progress by embracing rationality and justice. And you students in India are at the forefront of this progressive advance,” Gandhi said.
He also highlighted some key concerns of students such as high fees and tough competition for limited seats.
The Congress president promised to ensure that students get the respect they deserve and the support they need to fulfil their aspirations. Gandhi said the party will do everything it can so students have direct access to opportunities.
“We will end corruption that holds you back,” Gandhi promised the students. He also informed the students that the Congress has launched a ‘Behtar Bharat’ campaign to give them a platform to air their views. “Your concerns are our concerns, your priorities are the Congress Party’s priorities,” Gandhi said. (PTI)