Wigs and Hair Extensions

Shahnaz Husain
For hair loss progressing to balding, there are many options. The first and most obvious is a Wig. Apart from wearing a wig, there are other options, like hair weaving, hair extensions and hair transplant. Hair weaving is done if the person is partially bald. The hair is actually woven to the roots of the existing hair. The hair is sometimes glued on. Then it is said to grow naturally.
Partial hair extensions are becoming more popular in the hair weaving method. However, washing the hair and keeping the scalp clean poses a problem and one has to go periodically to get the weave tightened when the hair grows out. Hair transplant is a surgical procedure, in which a portion of the scalp which contains hair is taken, along with the hair follicles and grafted in the bald areas. The hair then begins to grow in the bald areas. Nowadays the procedure has become very advanced and is said to be better than hair weaving. It may be done in one session, or may take several sessions.
Wigs and extensions are also popular in the world of fashion and films. However, one needs to consider certain aspects regarding wigs and extensions. Before selecting a wig, consider why you need to wear a wig. If it is due to hair loss, the wig would have to look more natural and in keeping with the wearer’s personality. If one wants to wear a wig for some special occasion, it would have to be shaped accordingly. Perhaps, it needs to add a touch of glamour. Then there are cancer patients who face partial or total hair loss and need to wear wigs.
The wig should suit the face shape. A hair dresser would be able to guide, according to face shape. It should also suit your lifestyle. Perhaps, a simple style may suit you, your job and lifestyle more. The time at your disposal is also important. You may not have time to style the wig daily.
The chosen wig should also be in keeping with the personality of the wearer. For example, if the wearer is a quiet and introverted person, the style of the wig should not be too stylized. The age of the wearer is also important. A younger person may prefer a trendy style, while a mature person would like something more natural. If there is partial balding, the hair of the wig has to match with the natural hair. Both colour and texture should be the same.
Hair extensions come in many forms – some are clipped on and temporary, while some may be permanent. Hair extensions are popular nowadays, because they can add length and thickness to the hair. They also help to add glamour and style. Hair extensions can mean a fall, ponytail, switches, braids, or toupees. One can also use hair extensions of a different colour to provide streaks or falls, to add glamour and style.
One also has to decide on selecting a wig made of real hair or synthetic hair. A real hair wig will be affected with seasonal changes. For example, in humid weather, it may turn frizzy. Wigs and extensions made of real hair have a more realistic look than synthetic hair. They also last longer. The same methods of styling may be used with real hair. Synthetic wigs are easier to style and the style lasts longer.
It is important to try out samples of hair and styles before deciding on the wig or the extension.
There are many kinds of wigs, so one has to take advice from a hairstylist and then decide. For instance, there are cap wigs and capless wigs, based on the way they are made. Nowadays capless wigs are more popular. They do not cover the head totally, like the cap wigs.
This allows the pores of the scalp to breathe and prevents perspiration. Capless wigs are lighter too. One has to ensure that the wig fits very well and should be comfortable. Tape, fasteners and straps are used to make them more secure.