Why this trust deficit ?

Whenever any  proposal comes from anywhere for improving the highly deficient facilities for the pilgrims of Shri Amar Nath Ji Shrine, some constituents of Hurriyat, some politicians of Kashmir Origion and some “also ran” custodians of Kashmir valley behave in such a way as if some individuals, institutions or even the Hon’ble judicial forums of the country are going to hurt Kashmiriyat. One simply recalls here what was  said in  Parliament by Omar Abdullah and what emotional statements were made by Mehbooba Mufti and some known hardliners in 2009 just on a proposal of constructing detachable shelters for the yatries.
In a pluralistic society, like that of ours even one irresponsible statement of a responsible politician or a public man has the potential of diverting even some mighty river in spate  and that all places of worship including  Shri Amar Nath Ji Shrine  Cave, Badshah Gulam Shah Ziarat Rajouri, Chhatti Padshahi or any lesser known Church are the pride of our common heritage where we all irrespective of our faith bow our heads in great reverence. If reminds us what we are distancing from :-
Ishwar Allah Tero Naam Sab Ko Summati De Bhagwan
Yours etc..
S K Rekhi
825-A, Gandhi Nagar


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