Why should Private Medical services be reticent?

How can private hospitals and nursing homes etc afford to disregard Government guidelines in respect of allowing and ensuring uninterrupted emergency health services to patients especially when the country is passing through the worst crisis and lot more is dependent on our hospitals, nursing homes, medical institutions – small and of whatever size. Reports are that most of such medical centres in the UT are refusing to entertain and treat the patients even those with serious complications and requiring urgent medical care.
These are abnormal moments, where we are supposed to contribute in whatever form we can instead of being choosy. Strongly, when there are normal conditions, then patients of every hue are welcome and accepted but when there is presently a virtual health emergency prevailing in the country in fighting the dreaded corona virus, some private hospitals and nursing homes should adopt such an unethical approach. It is high time the management of these private institutions reviewed their uncalled for stand and followed at least Government guidelines and provided treatment to deserving critical patients . Difficult times usually pass on and normal ones return but it must be seen who contributes what and responds in which manner in an hour of difficulty.