Whither conservation status of Khushal-Sar?

Once a symbol of fresh natural water , a wetland spread over a vast area in Srinagar , Khushal Sar is in the stage of gasping for survival as land filling and reclaiming ”new land” for encroachment, pollution , illegal construction around it has killed the beauty, sheen and the vegetation and bird habitats in it. Agreeably, the pitiable deteriorated condition of this “Sar” has drawn the attention of the Government towards its conservation but actual plans appear nowhere to have moved beyond the confines of the offices and the files. If we say the stage of the “Sar” is SoS, it will not be an exaggeration. What has been the performance record of Srinagar Municipal Corporation in respect of the assigned job of carrying out of works of different nature regarding the Lake is not known although the problem in respect of funds is nowhere there to resort to an alibi thus not doing as expected.
Certain tough decisions are definitely required to be taken like stopping drains going into the Sar, removing encroachments and dredging and above all, spreading the word and awareness about steps being taken to save the Sar and any violation of the Sar would to be sternly dealt with. In this connection, initiatives like “Mission Ehsaas” or Mission feeling or realisation, must be broadened in scope and content and unless an approach of a consideration and a feeling to save the dying lake got generated in the people, especially those living in the immediate surroundings , much on the ground was not possible to be achieved. Save Khushal Sar (and Gilsar) connected to it , the once pride of Srinagar city in Jammu and Kashmir.