While Indians struggle, PM busy planning next distraction: Rahul Gandhi

NEW DELHI, June 26: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Sunday attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying the PM’s “mastery” in “entire distraction science” can’t hide disasters such as an all-time high unemployment rate, a 30-year high wholesale price index, and devaluation of LIC by $17 billion.
Gandhi said that while Indians struggle, Modi is busy planning his next distraction.
“PM’s mastery in ‘Entire Distraction Science’ can’t hide these disasters – ? at 78/$; $17 bn LIC value lost; WPI Inflation at 30yr high; Unemployment at all-time high; Largest ever bank fraud by DHFL,” the former Congress chief said in a tweet.
Gandhi has been critical of the Modi government’s handling of the economy and has also called on the Centre to provide jobs to the youth. (Agnecies)