Which one to Choose

Niman Hakhu
The goal of education is to form good humans devoted to work for creations of societies of love, freedom, fellowship, justice and armony.
When a student reaches to 11th standard one has to decide which subject to opt for.
One should make sure that the subject being chosen is right for him and for his future…
If a student opts for science stream then all family members and relatives say “wow! What a brilliant student. He has chosen science {medical / non- Med} stream” and give their full support to him But if a student opts for Commerce or Arts then others say “What! He has opted for Commerce / Arts. Why! Is he not good at studies or is he not capable of doing Med / Non-Med. Or has he scored less in 10th that is why he opted for Commerce / Arts.
If a student opts for Commerce / Arts subject that doesn’t mean he is not good at studies or he has scored less in 10th. Student opts these subjects by his own interest.
If a student opts for Commerce, encourage him; motivate him instead of demotivating and discouraging him. Make him feel relaxed on taking a right decision for choosing a right stream for his career. Focus on positive points instead of telling him the negative points. Motivate him by explaining the various scopes of Commerce background subjects. There are many career options for a Commerce Students like becoming an Accountant, Cost Accountant, Chartered Accountant (CA), Finance Analyst, Consultant, Company Secretership (Cs), Finance Planner, Finance Manager, Finance Controller, Investment Analyst, Stock Broker, Portfolio Manger, Tax Auditor, Satistician, Economist or he can also do CMA. Never say him it is a useless subject, it has only one scope of becoming a clerk. By saying this you are not only discouraging him but also criticizing the Commerce subject. Don’t give less importance to Commerce / Arts as compared to other subjects. They both have their own importance.
After 12th the students can also go for ICSI exam which is the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. If a student clears this exam he can get the direct training of CS. Only a Commerce student can create his own business perfectly on his own caliber as he knows better than a Science student where to invest, how much money is required to invest and what is to be required for creating a good business.
Even in Politics big decisions which are related to money like demonetization, setting up of Budget and many more are taken under the supervision of CA, who has the background of Commerce and not only CA but also under the supervision of ECONOMIST who tells us about the Consumption, Production and transfer of wealth throughout the year. Only a Commerce student knows well where to invest how much money and from where one can get more profit and from where one may get loss.
More or less all the organizations have Financial Managers, Credit Manager and other financial staff who made their financial reports for Tax and other requirements. The employment opportunities in Commerce field are lucrative. The door for both Private and Public organization are open for Commerce Graduates. They may work in this organization as Managers, Auditors, Specialist, Tax Consultant, Manager Executive, Accountant Executive, Junior Accountant, Book Keeper, Chartered Accountant (CA), etc…
The importance of Commerce Graduates increases after sea changes in various Parameters of Indian Economy like Bank Deposits, Mutual Funds, Stock Market, Venture Capital, Insurance Schemes and Portfolio Management. The career prospects in Commerce and its interdisciplinary domains such as CA, CS etc… are extremely bright. Accountancy or MBA will pay you to large extend. Selecting Commerce as a career option is one of the best you can grab.
There is no dishonor in being a student of Commerce stream.
A Commerce student also gets many uses of this subject as the student gets familiar with the knowledge of Business, Trade, Market Fluctuation, Basic Of Economics, Fiscial Policies, Industrial Policies, Share Market, and Stock Market Etc.
And not only this, one can do courses like Bachelor of Accountancy and Finance (BAF), Bachelor in Banking and Insurance (BAI) and Bachelor in Financial Markets (BFM). After completing these courses the graduates often have the opportunities of Campus placements where salary between 3:00 to 9:00 LAKH / per annum are offered. Today a Commerce student shines in every field.
Same I go for Arts. There is no dishonor in being a student of Arts stream. Like Science and Commerce, Arts also has its own value. In this we get to know about our ancestors, about history, we also get to know about Politics and many more. There is not only the scope of becoming a teacher in this stream, but there are also many other good courses which can be done after 12th like Ba, Bfa, Journalism And Mass Communication, Hotel Management, Bba, Event Management, Fashion Designing, Retail And Fashon Merchandise, Integrated Law Course, Graphic Design, Teacher Training Courses and many more. If you are good at writing and reporting, Mass Communication is the best course for you. The challenges and adventures of this field will energize you all the time. In this course more than theoretical knowledge, practical knowledge will help you. And through this course one can also apply for journalism. BA in Journalism, this is a course for people wishing to pursue a career in Journalism. In this stream students can go for IAS or KAS exam and can top the exam. Even most of the Political leaders, Business Owners as well as big names of Indian Tinsel Town have background in arts stream. The reason of its vast scope is that it provides a wide range of subject choice to study.
It is not that I am criticizing Science subject but I want to clarify to those who criticize Commerce / Arts subject and say there is no scope in these fields like Med / Non – Med stream has many scopes of becoming a doctor / engineer, in the same way Commerce /Arts also has many scopes of becoming a CA / CS or an IAS / KAS and many more. Becoming a CA / CS
Or IAS / KAS etc… is not an easy job. It requires equal hard work and concentration as much as it is required for becoming a doctor or an engineer.
It is a humble request to all the parents to trust their children and have full faith in them. Have trust in their child’s decision which they opt for their future keeping into consideration their interest in concerned subjects…
Instead of listening the useless talks of others, listen to your child what he wants to say. And give him your full support in every right decision taken by them, if it is actually right. My appeal to all parents and people is that please change your mind set towards Commerce. It is a useful and a good subject. And same I go for Arts. Please don’t force your child to take the subject of your choice. In this way your child can’t concentrate on that subject which will give a bad result in future. So please encourage him to take the Subject / Stream / Course in which he is interested and comfortable. In this way he will not only concentrate on his studies but also may perform beyond his and your expectations, which will give a good result in future….
At last I just want to say to all the people and parents to support their children to take the subject of their choice. Equal hard work and concentration is required in all streams weather it is Science, Commerce or Arts. The point is that how you take the subject, in a Positive way or in a Negative way… If you take the stream in a Negative way then you will think that there is no scope in the subject. But if you take the stream in a Positive way then you will find unlimited scope in the subject. My request to aspirants is that which ever subject they choose, just have full confidence and full faith in themselves and in that particular subject. No one has the right to judge you on the basis of subject that you choose for your career. Take the right decision whether it is to choose a right stream or right job or anything else related to your career, just have full faith and confidence on your decision…
The main thing to keep in mind is concentration, hard work and your will to study that subject. Every stream has its own importance….
Just believe in yourself……