Where is the report on coaches’ wrongful appointment?

Not to comment on as to why in most of the cases, appointments or even promotions are made in non-transparent form in Government departments in Jammu and Kashmir but even after when lot of hue and cry as also media reports abound over malpractices adopted, usually fact finding committees are formed by the Government in order to go deep into the issue and submit reports. The travesty is that such reports are nowhere to be seen being submitted within the time span so much so that years pass in inertial mode of such committees hence no action by the Government under the alibi of non receipt of the requisite report. Some appointments by bidding adieu to set procedures and rules were made in respect of coaches and other posts in Jammu and Kashmir Sports Council and other departments. Were due procedures like proper notification etc for recruitment of coaches duly followed by the Sports Council?
These appointments are reported to have been made from the Sports Quota under SRO-349 and since they were disputed, a fact finding committee appointed by the Government to ascertain facts and circumstances has still not submitted the report even after a lapse of two years. It is paradoxical to find that on the one hand the General Administration Department having given a period of 45 days to the Committee in February 2020 to submit the report, on the other hand the same has so far not been submitted much to the astonishment and indignation of the otherwise eligible sportspersons for such posts.
The moot question is whether constituting such committees is just to avoid, defer and keep lingering on things just to forget about it all. In other words, a time consuming and avoiding tactics could safely be seen behind the purpose of constituting such committees when no action is taken in a matter alleged to be connected with appointments in Government jobs in a hush-hush, irregular and non-procedural way. Appointing outstanding sports persons in Government jobs has been eluding them while such unfair means as aforesaid are adopted for appointing chosen and favourite ones. We would, therefore urge the Government to get the requisite report from the committee submitted and take strict action in the matter.