When shall Gram Nyayalayas function?


As we often say , though not in any satirical mode, that the time limit to start the process or implementation of a decision taken in Jammu and Kashmir is ”fixed” as per convenience and possibly leisure too and not by its urgency and requirement, Gram Nyayalayas too are sailing in the same boat so far as making them functional is concerned. If it is not so, why is there no development in this respect even after two and a half years since the Central Act of 2008 relevant to it became functional in the UT. Neither any budget allocation, nor any expenditures and nor any notification about Judicial Officers to man these courts have been made so far . One of the most accessible and affordable judicial systems , that too at grass root levels , as such, stands still at a far off distance for the people living in rural areas of Jammu and Kashmir. We have earlier also mentioned, in this regard, about an attempt by the then State Government having made to establish Dehi (Gram or Village) Adalats in the year 2013 on the pattern of Gram Nyayalayas but it did not take off on the expected lines nor yielded any developmental results . Subsequently, although a decision having been taken by the common High Court of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh earlier in 2021 about making such institutions at village level functional under the over-all jurisdiction of the High Court and the Headquarters thereof being the same as of the previous Dehi Adalats, yet nothing concrete having been done in this connection is belying the hopes of the people of our villages especially even when the number of such courts – district wise -having already been notified by the UT Administration . About the non-functioning of such courts at village levels, even the Department related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Personnel, Public Grievances, Law and Justice has pointed out the same in its report tabled in the Parliament . Could the UT Government look into the issue and arrange all the required paraphernalia for establishing and functioning of Gram Nyayalayas in Jammu and Kashmir at the earliest?