What’s next after PSM1 certification?

Scrum is a framework used by teams to work together efficiently and manage the work, solve issues and make improvements in a collaborative way in short cycles to deliver quality products. Professional scrum master certification course is a distinguished course that helps professionals to learn agile practice in a practical way for enhancing servant leadership qualities and effectively managing the team/organisation. The individuals enrolled in the course for PSM 1 Certification are educated about the Scrum basics and agile movements with the ways to implement scrum methodology in real-world projects enabling them to lead and manage the team in different projects.

The industry-recognized PSM 1 certification that is valid for a lifetime is awarded after the individual completes the course and appears for and passes the online certification exam with the minimum required score. The certified individual can do the following things after receiving the PSM 1 certification-

  1. One can hone their Scrum master skills with more Certifications such as Professional scrum master II(PSM 2), Professional scrum master III (PSM 3) or Professional scrum product owner (PSPO).

2. With PSM 1 certification, which validates the individual’s understanding of Scrum principles and processes, the professionals can be employed as IT consultants, agile consultants, scrum masters, Project managers etc. in several companies with attractive salaries. There are job opportunities in the non-IT sectors as well.

3. Many professionals wish to add the PSM 1 certification to their CVs to stay marketable and to secure top management positions or to negotiate better salaries in their current workplace. The certification helps professionals to work efficiently on projects that require scrum management.

The time taken to get Professional Scrum Master Certification in India varies as per an individual’s capacity to prepare for the certification exam and get a passing score. The Online course led by trained and experienced professionals generally spans 2 days. The course aims to impart knowledge of the scrum framework, different concepts and theories through live interactive educational sessions. After the training is complete, the students have to go through, understand and learn a lot of educational material, revise their concepts by appearing in mock tests, solving the practice papers etc. and gain knowledge about exam patterns and topics from the Scrum forums. The preparation can last for a few weeks to months depending on the individual’s abilities. The exam which is an open-book test is conducted online mode and students can take the exam from the comfort of their home/office.

The students can pass the exam on the first attempt if they work hard enough and have clarity of concepts. Failing to do so, the students need to retake the exam to get the minimum passing score. Though the course duration is short, the actual preparation for the exam to get PSM 1 certification may take a lot of time.

Organizations, teams, and individual individuals may all benefit from PSM certification. Some examples are as follows:

A firm grasp of scrum fundamentals

Obtaining a Professional Scrum Master certification can help you build a solid knowledge base if your firm decides to use the scrum framework. Additionally, if you have prior scrum experience, the certification will help you fill in any knowledge gaps you may have.

Shift in perspective

If you want to use the scrum effectively, you need to adopt an agile mentality. The reason for this is because scrum is based on the agile framework. For an agile strategy to be implemented successfully, the team as a whole must adopt an agile mentality. This is an attitude that you may instil in yourself and your coworkers with the PSM certification. Learning to use the scrum effectively will equip you to complete projects successfully. Further, team cohesiveness will improve, and conflicts within the group will decrease.

Maintain your appeal to consumers.

Earning your PSM certification is a great way to show your expertise to coworkers and higher-ups in your organisation. This demonstrates that you are well-versed in the agile methodology and can contribute to any company that adopts this approach. This credential opens doors to new employment possibilities at any company that values agile methods.

To the advantage of your business

The willingness to face new difficulties and make adjustments has an impact not only on the operations of an organisation but also on its workforce, its consumer base, and its clientele. If, on the other hand, you have the PSM certificate, you will be able to instantly benefit from the results of your hard work. Teams that are able to self-manage produce higher quality work and are able to achieve greater results. You will have a difficult time adapting to the new processes and procedures that have been adopted by your organisation if you do not have the appropriate scrum skills. These factors will ultimately lead to the failure of the projects. For this reason, obtaining a PSM certification is very necessary in order to efficiently manage processes and projects inside an organisation.

Cooperate productively with your contemporaries.

Put yourself in the company of colleagues who also have a solid understanding of the scrum in order to improve your ability to manage your job. If you are in charge of directing the agile project, you may put your knowledge of the scrum framework to good use. Earning your certification as a Professional Scrum Master will make it easier for you and your colleagues to have a deeper understanding of the scrum framework, which is critical to the successful deployment of agile methods across the board. In addition to this, obtaining your PSM certification will provide you with the tools necessary to motivate and guide the members of your team to effectively complete the project. This is very necessary in order to ensure the success of any endeavour.

It may be challenging to get PSM 1 certification and the exam preparation may require a lot of time and effort, but the lucrative career opportunities available to the certified individuals make the investment worthwhile.

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