What is this mysterious disease affecting children?

Has some adulterated food stuff, milk or eating of some wild fruits caused death to ten children in Ramnagar areas of Udhampur district or some water with serious contamination has been instrumental in targeting children of the age of below four years, needs a thorough aetiological probe, scientific investigation and medical research as after brief illness of running temperature, vomiting and direct renal failure etc children numbering ten as per the latest reports available, have so far lost their lives.
Those few, who are presently under treatment in specialty hospitals must be under keen observation and ascertaining reasons of causing temperature and other complications. Once causes were known, it would be easy for doctors in treating such cases. It is encouraging that some teams of doctors from Jammu, Udhampur and Ramnagar are camping in the affected areas. It is again recognition of the serious nature of the problem that Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is deploying a team of top specialist doctors to the affected areas to ascertain the causes of the disease.