What is a Visitor Management System and Why Do We Need One?

Visitor management refers to the process of tracking and managing visitors to and from your organization’s premises. Whether your organization has a receptionist or not, visitor management is critical to your employees and company security. Even if you offer exceptional products, services and customer service, visitor management goes ahead to ensure that they leave your premises with a good impression. This not only builds your brand reputation and increases brand awareness, but also encourages people to come back to you when needed. Now you can think who we call visitors here. Visitors can be:

  • Vendors and contractors
  • Participants in a business meeting
  • Regulatory or audit professionals
  • Candidates for job interviews
  • messengers
  • People seeking information
  • Delivery men

Other than that, visitors can be employees who may not be frequent visitors to the premises, such as people working from home. Sometimes unexpected dropouts can also occur.

What is a visitor management system?

A visitor management software (VMS) is a tool that tracks and manages people entering and leaving a company’s premises. It represents various processes to manage the flow of visitors from arrival to departure to provide the best experience while ensuring everyone’s safety and business compliance. Businesses of all sizes can use visitor management software, not just large corporations. Additionally, VMS is effective for various verticals including Defense & Aerospace, Automotive, Chemicals, Commercial Services & Supplies, Consumer Goods, Retail, Healthcare, IT, electronics, engineering and many more.

There are different types of VMS available:

Self-service visitor management : A kiosk is used for check-ins. Here, visitors wait in queues, fill in details and submit required documents to get a guest badge.

Staff-administered VMS : Staff in an organization monitor and control visitors using software.

Computer-based VMS : It is a one-stop computer system for a business to monitor and control visitors. It can collect real-time data and automate manual tasks for a better experience.

SaaS-based VMS : It is a third-party software to monitor and control visitors of businesses of different scales. Here, organizations don’t have to manage infrastructure or spend time on maintenance; service providers care and the cost is affordable.

What Is The Need For A Visitor Management System?

Visitor management systems are essential for organizations to monitor and manage visitors, especially during and after a global crisis like Covid-19. It helps you adapt to new challenges and keep your staff and visitors safe. That said, face-to-face business meetings are still in place, even in the age of live webinars and video conferencing. In fact, many businesses are now open and allowing visitors, ensuring that all visitors are accommodated while maintaining security; visitor management systems play a key role.

Let’s see some of the benefits of VMS:

Better visitor experience

Providing a good visitor experience will boost your brand reputation and welcome more visitors. People will choose you over competitors if you make sure they leave your premises with pleasure. A VMS can help you achieve this by allowing you to easily manage everything without creating hassle for visitors.

Simplified reception process

With a good VMS in place, all processes will be managed efficiently, from welcoming visitors to leaving. Using the software allows your staff to process your guests based on their reasons for visiting you. It will also help you manage meetings and make sure they start on time, and visitors don’t get frustrated waiting in the lobby.

Security and Contactless Tracking

VMS software can be your conference room booking app and help you perform contactless visitor tracking and management. It will ensure the safety of everyone inside the premises of your building. As a result, you can maintain superior protection against health issues such as COVID or other infectious diseases. Additionally, the software will help you defend your organisation against risks related to intellectual property, workplace safety, and more.

By using the VMS, you can record important data collected from visitors, including their personal information, IDs, medical documents, and other paperwork. This will help you manage them easily and keep a record, so you don’t run into compliance risks like GDPR, HIPAA, etc.

Employee/staff tracking

Apart from managing visitors, the software will help you track the activities of your employees or collaborators. This will maximize their productivity and help them focus on crucial areas. As risks can be external and internal, keeping an eye on your internal staff helps reduce risk.