Flats for police personnel

We know that welfare measures become relevant as a vital tool for organizational development. While human resource is the most vital asset of a police force , the question is whether the Government of Jammu and Kashmir was doing sufficiently enough for the Police force and their families . It is better known either to the Government or to the force itself but what we observe is that much needs to be done in the matter. Coming straight to the point , it is really astonishing that the dream of building residential complexes for our police personnel is looking quite distant to come true if not impossible to fructify into a reality. Some twenty thousand flats had to be constructed for the police personnel on self financing basis .It may be recalled that the then State Administrative Council (SAC) had approved the proposal but even after more than a year , even the land for the project has not been identified . With this type of the level of seriousness accorded to the subject , it can safely be assumed that the Government was resorting to delaying manoeuvrings .
Salient features of the proposal apparently are appealing as 10000 flats are proposed to be built in Srinagar division and an equal number in Jammu division. It is well realised that at one place entire land would not be possible to be acquired hence more than one or two locations are to be identified for the purpose but over one year a period is by no means any less time for doing this elementary or the first stage towards erecting a mini Police colony each at identified places. There has been long pending demand from the police personnel for providing to them affordable housing facility for various categories along with necessary amenities. That fact was kept in mind while according approval to the first ever mega welfare measure of constructing residential flats with provisions for parks, playgrounds, shopping areas and the like. While the proposal lays down a period of maximum of two years for construction of these apartments, the elementary things even have apparently not got any attention from the Government to the extent of acquiring land for the purpose.
So , let us take for granted that the timeline of two years was never going to be achieved as one year has seen absolutely no headway being made in the issue. Home Department along with the Police Headquarters should have jointly and severally pursued the matter looking to the expectations and hopes of the police personnel post according approval to the proposal by the then Government. Actually , there is no mechanism in the administrative machinery to monitor the progress of vital decisions taken by the Government towards being attended to and ascertaining their current status . Had it been so, at least the reasons could have been got ascertained as to why so far the Revenue Department reportedly has not been even approached by the Home Department for allotment of land. There is a piquant situation on the other side of the fence and that is a huge chunk of public land continues to be under encroachment while for such a noble welfare cause which aimed at providing benefits like getting a roof over head to thousands of police personnel and their families, land was not “available”.
If the problem of financing of this mega project is keeping the concerned authorities in both the departments from going ahead, we feel in an era of availability of liberal credit at affordable cost from Banks in consortium or on individual basis was no problem especially when assured repayments were likely to take place as there was enough as security provided to financing Banks in the shape of the Government itself sponsoring the proposal. We urge the Government to accord priority to the matter as it concerned the welfare measures for our police personnel.