Welcoming austerity measures

Adopting strict austerity measures and doing away with ostentatious expenditures by the Government at the expense of tax payers’ money can always be appreciated . In fact , what can be conveniently avoided without causing any loss or embarrassment of any hue but in the process money saved for spending on more urgent and productive purposes is best management of money which is inherently limited, if not scarce , compared to the needs where it is required to be judiciously spent.
The UT Government of Jammu and Kashmir having , therefore, decided to take certain austerity and containment measures in matters of where it could be employed conveniently like banning official dinners, conferences, purchasing new vehicles and in matters of travelling expenses by its officers etc deserves commendation . Such measures , even if termed frugal, must be on consistent basis , of course, with no inelastic scope at certain unavoidable occasions. Otherwise also, less of governance and administrative costs and more spending on public welfare and utility measures are ingredients of an efficient Government. Renovations, additions, alterations etc of official bungalows at exorbitant cost, purchasing new luxurious cars for officers, travel by high class air and Rail , throwing sumptuous lunches and dinners are all signs of Royalty and high aristocracy which must be done away with.