Welcome decision

All kudos to Apex court for delivering historic judgement with regards to the women officers serving in the Indian Army. The decision is perfectly in line with the needs and demands of the times and circumstances. At the moment there is no place for gender bias in the army. The society has opened up the social and the family environment has undergone a positive and a sweeping change over the years. The emerging generation of the women folk are replete with self confidence, grit and gumption. They are taking things head on in almost every field. It would be grossly illogical argument to label. As the weaker sex and put an question mark on the courage and valour. The women who will opt for defence service on short or commission basis shall be the extra ordinary stuff. Getting through the arduous physical and mental training in the NDA and IMA shall be a litmus test on their career. Military training creates patriots, invincible fighters serving on the principle of duty to the mother land is foremost , duty to protect the troops you command comes second and your own protection comes last of all . The governments presentation of counter arguments in the court lacked merit and contradictory to their policies on women folk. PM had already announced from the ramparts of lal kila on occasion of Independence day 2018 that women officers in army shall be granted permanent commission.
According to June 2019 statistics’ women officers strength in the defence services is 3.89 % army ,6.7 navy and 13.28 in the air force . Revisiting the Indian history of first war of independence 1857. We come across unparalleled women warriors like Rani Laxmi Bai , Jhalkari , Begum Hazrat Behl and Rani Jhansi Brigade raised by Subash Chandra Bose. The observation of the British commander on the final assault of Laxmi Bai ” Queen was the bravest of all the rebels who fought against us” Despite the deadly assault they couldn’t capture her ally .
So the verdict is highly laudable and deserves implementation as per the court order it is soothing to note that defence ministers has extort the judgement . Putting them in command position may take some time as it needs some moe intensive training and hard work . Jai Hind
P.C. Sharma
Trikuta Nagar