“Wear masks or perish”


Why should not such slogans be aired and rained everywhere now, through all available modes, in the interests of saving human lives from the Corona virus which is raging and spreading like wild fire and consuming young and old mercilessly? Enough of sort of urging, persuading, motivating and even cajoling about wearing properly masks when out of one’s home and now, it needs to be enforced strictly and the penalty for violating this basic norm too should be increased . The reports that 25 percent of the people still do not care to wear masks or if some of them wear , it is exhibited and just touching the chin for formality sake, exposing the vulnerable parts of mouth and nose to catch and spread infections. Do such carefree people know the results of such recklessness or casual approach towards wearing masks and always keeping distance of 6 feet as a measure of protection from the virus and the havoc it creates? Second unfortunate but totally unwarranted scenario is that of medical accessories like oxymetres, concentrators, oxygen generators etc in scarcity in the market which adds to the problems of the COVID patients. Whether supply is hindered or some rare cases of hoarding and selling at premium like immoral and sinful acts are committed, the administration must look into this aspect also and take appropriate priate action.