We want Aazadi

Shiban  Khaibri
From the unwarranted but swampy din of mischievous slogans of “Aazadi” raised from certain areas of the country, patriotic Indians now want full Aazadi from those elements who are overtly and covertly working to the detriment of the interests of the country. We cannot any longer tolerate such elements who under the alibi of liberty and democracy float such ideas and put forth such arguments that it directly has a telling effect on the image of India not only within the country but  internationally which is unaffordable as it directly effects the unity, integrity and the sovereignty of India.
Even after seven decades of having achieved independence on account of the unlimited hardships, struggles and sacrifices of thousands of our countrymen, we still debate over whether we should sing the National Anthem or not and which of its lines, otherwise sacrosanct, are supposed to offend, or not appeal to some people who do not hesitate to take the recourse to faith or belief, while majority of the citizens feel comfortable and proud to sing with due respects our national song. It is all the more saddening to observe that many a representative belonging to some Political Parties support such objections under frivolous reasons most probably to milk the vote Bank. We want Aazadi from such mentality and such thinking. Whatever we discuss on TV shows or speak in public meetings or discuss in legislatures does not travel across the country alone but to far  off places and countries, some of whom use it through many agencies and “commissions” and “surveys” to demean us and lower our image . It is very important to prevent possible telling impact of these unwarranted controversies denting the respect of the people. Who floats this controversy and what objective, some type of surge in the prestige of the country takes place that “Jana Gana Mana …” was  in fact sung in praise of George 5. A lot of “hard work” is done by the opponents and digging out from the past that even credence and credibility are accorded to the colonial media as having appeared in the English controlled press that ” Ravindra Nath Tagore had actually written it in praise of the visiting King in late 1911. Equally, it is also not feasible to deride the Indian National Congress Party for having openly welcomed, supported and expressed “loyalty” to the King by means of a resolution in its annual convention in Calcutta in December 1911 (See Anand Bazar Patrika Dec28, 1911).
Again, controversies are raised , now only under the BJP led NDA government, that Vande Matram and not Jana Gana Man should have been our National Anthem under the alibi  , going by its literal meaning, that Vande Matram is the real National Anthem . They forget that the sentiments in the Jana Gana Mana relate to the sentiments of the states while those in Vande Matram denote nation’s structure, character, style and cultural ethos. Our elders were intelligent, patriotic and far sighted and they kept both for us , the coming generations to sing and revere, feeling the joy of the praise of the motherland which gives us everything from our cradle to our death. Why any diktat should be issued against singing Vande Matram now when during independence movement this song had become a source of inspiration to all sections of the society. Wrote Gandhi Ji in 1939, “…No matter what its source and when and where it was composed , it had become a most powerful  battle cry  among Hindus and Muslims during the partition days as it was an anti imperialist cry. When I first heard it sung, it had enthralled me associating the purest national spirit with it and it never occurred to me being a Hindu song .
It stirs to its depth the patriotism of millions, its chosen stanzas are Bengal’s gift among many others to the whole nation…” And in that very Bengal in and for the sake of appeasement of minorities, questions are raised as to why should it be sung or the diktats issued by clerics. Those who issue illegal and provocative diktats are seen enjoying state patronage. The circular issued by the central government to observe the Independence Day this year in all schools and colleges and to have its video recording, is officially opposed by the state government. We want Aazadi from this mentality.
Same is the case with UP. Why the orders of the state government to video graphing the event in their schools and to sing the national song were violated by most of the Madrassas who otherwise enjoy state funding and grants. What is the logic behind singing “Sarey Jehan say acha…” and not the national anthem? Can there be two national songs, one exclusively meant for Madrassas and the other for rest of the institutions? Are not such fissiparous acts planted in young minds a sure guarantee of generating of separatist and secessionist tendencies? The argument floated by such clerics that such circulars were issued to test their patriotism which they did not want to obey and supported by some disgruntled and out of power political parties are setting dangerous trends in the country.  If this is the position even after seven decades, then the demand to grant Aazadi from such unpatriotic mentality needed to be looked into seriously.
Why should Congress, TMC, Communists, SP, RJD and likeminded parties not stand up united (ly) against the continuation of Article 35 A in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and why should they support those who oppose it to be heard by a constitution bench of the Apex Court. What service were they rendering to the nation in keeping it united, strong and cohesive by opposing its abrogation even before the Honb’le court gives its decision?
Kashmir is reeling under Pakistan sponsored full fledged Jihadi terror war for the last over three decades and how much has there been tremendous loss of men, material, ethos, uprooting of a civilization, rich culture, cherished values for Humanity is known to all and how much shocking is the response to it by those who ruled this state through three of its generations. The recent historical statement from the ramparts of Red Fort by the Prime Minister that neither “Goli”, nor “Gaali” but all “embraces” would resolve the problem was responded to by ex CM Omar Abdullah by saying, ” It applies both to the army and the militants”. Security forces and terrorists (Called as militants, a soft fondling name) were kept at the same pedestal. The statement by Farooq Abdullah exonerating both China and Pakistan of their belligerent and hostile intentions and even potent threat to India by saying, “Neither Pakistan nor China were any threat to India but we have Chor sitting within.” Who is this Chor, is difficult to comprehend especially in the light of his friendly parleys with Hurriyat, “We are not your adversaries, please unite” and the stone pelters “throwing stones not as a pleasure but for getting Aazadi” were not condemned by those political parties who are not tired of bragging having given sacrifices for India’s independence and “secularism”. We want Aazadi from such tendencies.


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