Water supply

Pollution free drinking water supply by the PHE Deptt to the consumer households, who are regularly paying the water tax without hesitation should be considered as their right. Next to air, water is essential for every individual to live a life. The very nomenclature of the Deptt as “Public Health Deptt. (PHE) is sufficient to indicate their duty in this regard. But it is a pity that very less attention is paid to supply pollution free water, duly tested in the laboratory. As a consequence, water with foul smell being supplied becomes the cause of so many diseases which needs to dealt with immediately in public interest.
The very purpose to change the portfolios of the Ministers in the State is to bring efficiency in working of every deptt. So it becomes obligatory on the part of Minister PHE Deptt to ensure that pure, pollution free water is supply to the consumers.
In order to bring efficiency in his Deptt it is also his responsibility to aceede to the genuine and justified demands of the workers at ground level rather than to force them to come to streets protesting to get their claims fulfilled.
The consumers on their part are also required to make the judicious use of water as economically as possible just co-operating with the Deptt. pointing out leakage in pipes where they be hold them. The concerned Deptt is requested to be serious in their respective duties as these are directly and indirectly concerned with human life.
Yours etc….
S.C. Gupta
Sr. Citizens,


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