Watching victims’ helplessness

The recent incident in Bangaloro where three girls were assaulted and abused publicly by three goons depicts the way women in this country are treated. The incident is a shame on those gutless spectators who were watching how the girls were subjected to assaults and misbehavior.
A few shameless watchers were reported to have video graphed the shameful incident rather than at least calling the police to nab those scoundrels. What has happened to this land of Arjuns and Bhims ? Where has the courage and sense of responsibility gone in just watching  by passersby , shopkeepers etc women dishonoured , assaulted and attacked on road side by assaulters ? Cannot some of the Tamash beens  jointly thrash such law breakers and then hand them over to Police? Where has our collective responsibility gone?  The girls fought the goons themselves  and showed exemplary courage . Reportedly they are said to send packets of bangles to those who just watched their molestation on the road.
Yours etc……
Aditya Jamwal


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