Wash hands but where is the water?

This vital question is being asked by as many as 50 million people in India who are required to wash their hands frequently with soap to keep off the corona virus from spreading, as per a report. Such a report, at the outset, looks not genuinely prepared as the institute is Washington based and most of such agencies are always ready to paint India in poor light in which some indigenous NGOs and some individuals too provide them ‘help’ who by doing so, want to score points with the establishment. That could be a possibility and not a full reality as well.
However, the fact remains – that of water misuse and mismanagement in this country where otherwiserivers, lakes , water bodies etc are in no less measure. Despite drawing a line between wealthy and developed countries and that of India on this count by the said instituteand expecting more transmission of infection here, have been proven wrong as Italy, Spain, America, United Kingdom, Brazil etc have been devastated with the pandemic while despite various constraints including there being no adequate water at many places, we have been enviably successful in managing the crisis efficiently though the challenge continues. The fact , however, cannot be contested that hand washing with a soap otherwise many a time a day was hygienically very important as also saving each drop of water .