War against the plastic

If small battles are victoriously fought against use of plastics and polythene items right from individual households to offices to shops etc , the war against it too would be won . It is only the question of mindset and discarding lethargy. In this connection, we welcome and applaud the decision to ban use of plastic water bottles in all the courts of Jammu and Kashmir. It is a first small but very much required urgent step towards avoiding environmental hazards, preventing littering of used bottles here and there and the plastic waste.
We are at the threshold of environmental doom mainly because of universal mad use of plastics, polythene items, plastic pouches and containers which do not melt in the system but remain active to spread silent devastation. Why cannot we use multipurpose bottles, glass bottles , steel and earthen utensils for carrying water and also keep reasonable arrangements for safe and clean drinking water at offices, courts and other public places? Let us all pledge no use of plastics.