Vote bank politics

This is with reference to the article titled ‘Shameless vote bank politics by Poonam I Kaushik, Daily Excelsior Aug. 23. The author has tried once again to draw attention of Indian Government towards the crisis which is developing day by day due to the arrival of illegal Bangladeshi migrants in several states of India and cities, as well. I have some more facts to add:
Illegal Bangladeshi migrants who  have settled in the states of Assam, Manipur, Tripura, West Bengal, Maharashtra and cities of Mumbai and Delhi are snatching not only the cattle, lands, businesses and employment opportunities of the natives are also maim and kill them.
Pakistan and Bangladesh are small countries. There population is increasing by leaps and bounds. Such a huge population cannot be absorbed within their territories.  Therefore, they encourage them to go to India and undertake all illegal overt and covert  activities.
They are not only  a burden on Indian economy but also a threat to Indian sovereignty.
The Government should wake up to this reality at the earliest.
Yours etc……
Avtar Singh
Simbal Camp


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