Vote bank politics

Democracy in today’s world has turned out to be the magic word. Its growth is essentially laudable. But democracy from within tells us a different story  which does not seem ideal. The corruption that is seeping among public is spoiling democracy.  We can not say that  autocratic Governments are free of corruption. But today we notice that the  democracy which provides us liberal order now breeds a sense of apathy for the common cause. We claim that Indian democracy is the largest one in the world but it is sad to say that rights and duties go here unmatched. People with the help of this liberal order use their rights to enhance their own positions. Yet another aspect of a multi-party democracy  is the frequent change in the system by the party  that comes to power. Small elected parties unite and overthrow the  party that has a majority. Vote bank politics  has become an essential feature of Indian democracy with political parties that stand for contest. Kindling communal passions and caste-based divisions to capture votes of a particular section has become a norm for political parties.This clearly reflects the character of politicians who divide people for personal interest.  The representatives elected by the people of the country donot truly live up to what they are expected to be. They forget what they preach.  The anti defection laws have failed to contain the horse-trading which our politicians are quite adept at. To nip this evil in the bud the change must come from the roots, otherwise, there could be chaos.
S N Raina