My vote….

This has reference to the article ‘My Vote… to whom and why ?” by B L Saraf DE Oct 28.
The author deserves appreciation for writing such type of article which is based on facts and  references etc.
I, agree with all the contents of the article in question. The author is absolutely right to say that “on the altar of the political expediency, my vote- all along has been exploited  for the selfish ends. I belong to the tribe which stands highly politicized and lives in an atmosphere where politician revel in telling lies, big and small.”  I also belong to the same Tribe, rather we  sail in the same boat. Whatever, the problems, demands and genuine dues etc have not been solved, redressed and conceded by the politicians- Govt(s) both State and Central. In other words, the wearer knows where the shoe pinches. The migrants are the worst sufferers and only plans, packages, promises and proposals etc are made by the Politicians but nothing concrete is done. Now the question arises as  whom to vote? And why to vote ? It is a million dollar question. A voter should / must vote a   person whether MLA or MP who must have the best qualities of head, and heart and who works for his constituency. and State
He/She must visit his/her constituency and must look into the problems, demands and grievances of the general public. An MLA/MP must utilize his constituency Development Fund (CDF) properly and must provide all the basis facilities and amenities to the common masses without forcing the public to come on the roads and streets to lodge their protests. An MLA or MP must utilize the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) properly in consultation with the BDO(s), ACD(s), DC(s), other concerned officers and members of the Panchayat Committee etc. to provides the requisite basis facilities to the general public and above all employment to the unemployed youth. My dear voters please choose a right person as an MLA/MP who will really work for his/her constituency and State. I hope the problems of the migrants who are the worst suffers may kindly be solved redressed and conceded in a concrete manner both theoretically and practically as well on priority basis including the problems of the people of the State.
Yours etc….
Ashok K Koul (Lalpuri)
45, Ajeet Colony, Extn Gole-Gujral,
Talab Tillo, Jammu


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