Visionet plans to hire 800 employees in 6 months


NEW DELHI, July 28:Business process management firm Visionet Systems is planning to hire around 800 people in India in the next six months to expand local operations and expects to grow 30 per cent year-on-year in terms of business.

“Visionet continues to see a strong growth trajectory in India, and this year, we plan to add on the workforce to the company’s strength. We are planning to hire around 800 people in the next six months which will take our team strength to over 2,500 in India. We are looking to grow 30 per cent in revenue and head count on a year-on-year basis,” Visonet System Pvt Ltd Managing Director Alok Bansal said.

The company has been operating in India for the past 12 years and has centres in Bengaluru (Karnataka) and Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu).

“We are expanding in India. India has become a centerstage for global growth. Earlier, we were focussed on delivery of services from India but now, it is driving strategy, sales and pretty much all sides of business especially in BFSI (banking, financial sector and insurance),” Bansal said.

The company is expanding its centre of excellence in India and targeting niche technology in the market.

“We are now targeting business around AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), cloud computing, e-commerce, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc. We will expand our business in these area,” Bansal said.

The company will create a focussed centre of excellence in emerging technology.

“Second, our focus is to expand within the BFSI space, including the mortgage industry. Hiring is going on for all the segment,” Bansal said.

Visionet plans to allocate about 60 per cent of the new workforce to banking and financial services and health care, 10 per cent each for agrochemical and consumer packaged goods, retail and e-commerce.

The rest of the 20 per cent workforce will be focused on capability building, strengthening leadership positions and horizontal service lines, Bansal said. (PTI)