Vision document for tourism in Ladakh

With proper balancing and synergising between the carbon neutrality of the cold desert region as Ladakh is, with more steps proposed to be undertaken to promoting its unexplored places with increased potential , the Union Ministry of Tourism has come out with a Tourism Vision Document aimed at changing the face of the tourism prospects and scope in the region. Expected to be finally ready by March this year to be implemented , it is hoped to give new dimensions to a sustainable growth in tourism in Ladakh. Tourism, that too of adventurous, cultural and religious nature , besides enjoying unique scenic beauties , lakes and valleys , can in an increasing way, prove as a great economic contributor to the UT which is aimed at being transformed into a high value low impact tourism destination via the Vision Document.
The shift in the Vision Document is perceived to be from the existing and conventional sites and places to those with more potential which need to be developed with basic infrastructural support . The fact that the region is having a very rich cultural heritage of the historical value but the remote areas having such a treasure have so far been not given due attention hence the people living in such areas having not got their share of the due forcing their migration to other areas. Once such places were brought on the canvas of Ladakh Tourism , such migration shall stop and result in economic gains. Moreover, the need to give a wide stretch to tourism from the concentrated places like Leh and Diskit is felt to keep in view the ecological, social and cultural balance in the region which the Vision Document is aiming at. Suggestions and views of the people in respect of the proposed document once received , the same is expected to be finally prepared for implementation.