‘My Virgin Diary ‘ mirrors the reality of campus life: Nalin singh


 Filmmaker Nalin Singh, whose New film ‘My Virgin Diary’ marks his debut on the the digital platform, says that his film mirrors the reality of campus life.

   Speaking about his film,  which basically deals with bitter and sweet reality of campus life, Nalin said his film is basically a comedy mirroring the real happenings in a college campus.

   “This subject has been treated in the style of a real life boys hostel comedy. It has lot of humour and talks about various emotions and things in layers,” he said.

    My Virgin Diary is an Indian-British crossover movie that will be available across the digital platforms. The film has been distributed in four parts in Asia.

    Nalin says  the movie will be loved by youth and those who are missing their college life. On reports that his film is based on the Oedipus complex’ theory, which states that there is a desire for sexual involvement with the parent of opposite sex and a  sense of rivalry with the parent of same sex.

    “Unfortunately I couldn’t find much literature on the relationship between a father and a son. I totally disagree with Oedipus complex, I think that it does not exist in the Indian social context. ‘Yashodhara’ (Buddha’s wife) does mention about Rahul’s anguish about his father, Gautama Buddha, who had left them, in search of enlightment. My rebel protagonist refuses to become “Rahul” and wants his father back in his life,” added he.

   The story of ‘ My Virgin Diary ‘ is weaved around a group of college boys who form a rock band. The protagonist and lead singer Satendra locks himself inside his hostel room to question his subconscious mind. He wants to explore love, life, relationship and sex before he writes lyrics.

   The trailer of the movie  shows the protagonist shutting himself inside the room, marrying a mannequin, crying like a child, talking to the walls.

 The later part of the movie revealed that his father had left his family to join Osho commune. In order to understand the decision of his father he recreates his father’s world around him, to understand him and his decisions.

    Nalin’s lead character is inspired by fellow student of his batch, Arun Jaiswal who committed suicide. He too had confined himself in the hostel room and used to talk to walls and do lot of graffiti.