VIP Culture

In India, our religious scriptures tell us the rule that simple living and high thinking need to be imbibed in our lives. The Golden rule was adopted by Mahatma Gandhi in India. Even Late Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Naryan was of the same ideology. Late President Dr Rajendra Prasad was not ready to occupy Rashtpati Bhavan and had desired for a small residential quarter. Our Late Prime Minister Lal Bhadur Shastri was a plain person without any grandeur. They were great leaders who laid their imprints on the soil of India. There are several other examples Jimmy Cartar the ex. American President who lives in a small flat consisting in two rooms alongwith his wife. They prepare their own food and teach small kids in a school. Lenin a great statesman lived in a two room flat with his sister.
In India, excepting a few our politicians, parliamentarians, MLAs and others who are at the helm of affairs live in great pemp and show. They enjoy all perks free lodging and boarding, free 1st class travelling and what not. They enjoy fleet of cars, security and also assistants to manage the day to day affairs. These politicians never retire. They get more than one pension. In India VIP remains always VIP. Once in 1958 JP went Israel where he got surprised to see ex. Prime Minister ploughing his field with a tractor. In developed countries we find presidents, PMs, living as commons but in Indian democracy produced VIP’s.
S N Raina