Violent games

These days whether a person is old or young, he or she likes to play PUBG but most importantly there are teenagers which can be found anywhere playing this ultra-violent and addictive game. After seeing all these children a question arises in the mind of many parents, ‘Whether these kind of violent games are appropriate for children?’ and my answer to this question is an absolute NO.
Children these days like to play violent games much more than ever which are getting hundreds of millions of downloads. A notable reference to this is the game PUBG which has got 200 million+ downloads on Play Store and has got an adult rating from the App Store but most players of this game are actually Teenagers.
Violent game like this tend to be very addictive and is one of the leading reasons of behavioural changes and increasing anger amongst children. These kind of games change a child into a violent and introvert kid who loses interest in the environment surrounding him. These kids have a underdeveloped personality and do not like to socialise. These children also tend to overspend their time on games and and will sacrifice other things which are sometimes more important like studying, sports etcetera.
In addition to this too much screen time translates into laziness which later leads to obesity. Children which are overly addicted to these games forget to eat their food, drink water etcetera. We all know how unhealthy is that.
There are a lot of games which help in brain development but violent games are particularly notorious for slowing down brain development. Even the World Health Organisation (WHO) identifies addiction to games as a mental Disorder.
To avoid all this parents should introduce and enforce some house rules on children. They should not let their children play any violent games or games which have a age rating above their age. Parents should also insist their children to play outdoor games which can help in personality development.
Aditya Wazir
on e-mail