Violating the dead

Shiban Khaibri
A  soldier  faces bullets from the  front and bravely so,   a  criminal killer does the act of killing  in  a cowardice  manner, more  so when he is a terrorist working  for an enemy master for some materialistic gain. A soldier  is trained to kill only an enemy and save innocent lives and those in distress.  A terrorist is trained to kill lives, innocent, unarmed and law abiding. A soldier once said, ” It was my duty to shoot the enemy and I do not regret it. My regrets are for the people I could not save  but I can stand before God with a clear conscience about doing my job.” What will those cowards say about standing before God for killing a young  Indian army officer who had visited his native village in  Kulgam Kashmir to attend a close relative’s marriage ceremony? See the bravery , the courage , the grit and the noble  intentions of 22 year old Lt. UmmerFayaz who did not get scared of any looming threat to his life from paid saboteurs , the self proclaimed  “Mujahids”  to bring about Wahabi hard core Islamic order , to establish caliphate and have a government exclusively run on medieval lines where nationalism, democracy, secularism and socialism like political blessings were considered taboos  and “sins”.
These terrorist killers who did not allow the young Indian military officer  turn 23,  only a few days away,  brought shame and disgust and utter contempt for their so called “Tehrik -e- Askari” as also for their designs and ways when the brave heart’s funeral was showered with stones while it was passing through the streets for his last rites.  A dead, even if an enemy, is shown due respect and honour but to violate and dishonour even the dead and that also in Kashmir, and protected and secured Kashmiri leaders of all hues remaining mum and dumb silent, speaks about double opportunistic standards where targeting and even blackmailing New Delhi was considered act of political bravery. Like this, Kashmir in itself was shamed that it had such elements living on its soil who had no respect even for a dead and enjoyed violating it by pelting stones. Shame, contempt and utter disgrace brought all round for  anything human values stood for. So called Kashmiryat, which Atal Bihari Vajpayee  only had “seen “, had died the day the ethnic minority of Kashmiri Pandits nearly 5 lacs,were driven out of the valley in 1989-90 and the “ray of hope ” which M .K. Gandhi’s  specs had ” seen ” got blurred and outpaced by the clumsy darker clouds of religious exclusiveness and fanaticism which kept on getting oxygen from the symbol of two nations theory of Syed Ahmed Khan, Iqbal and Jinnah in the shape of Pakistan.
Those who with  blurry rhetoric argue that thousands got  killed in Kashmir do intentionally speak only half the sentence. The reasons of this proxy war for achieving religious goals of whatever school of thought are illogical, unsustainable and unjustifiable, the “tools” employed for its “achievement” are equally condemnable and any justification or playing victimhood card equally laughable and  motivate – ably  satanic.   Whence did this “killing” start , who provoked  whom with guns, bombs and ambush killings which  continues  with  the same speed and what “tyranny” these Pakistani agents calling themselves “Kashmiri Mujahids”  faced to justify their diabolic proxy war with AK 47s, Kalashnikovs, bombs and of late with stones. Yes, it never happened before 1990.There were army, BSF, CRPF, and other police force, civilians and the uniformed walked fearlessly in Kashmir  , no shot, no arrest, no killing etc because neither were there attacks on security forces nor on civilians, nor any abductions, tortures, extortions and wanton killings. If an army man is attacked with intention to harm him physically, there is bound to be retaliations in self-defence and the resultant  unfortunate loss of lives.
It should never be taken for granted that the family members , relatives and the dears and nears ones amidst whom this young Kashmiri army officer was dragged, abducted and then killed in cold blood must have forgotten the lifelong  wound inflicted on them by these misled, misguided, (mis) promised and misinformed blood thirsty terror products of Pakistan  as also similar  other victims of these gun wielding indoctrinated  mercenaries . The anger is piling up though slowly but very effectively. That scenario will further make things murkier but unaffordable for the people on the whole as sections forming thousands of victims of these Pakistani  venal  groups and mercenaries operating in Kashmir shall take recourse to retributive measures and fight them out . The fights inter-se shall drag the situation to point of no return.  Gun wielding Aazadi mongers shall desperately try to salvage the losing ground and resort to more demeaning and inhuman barbarities. The results shall be more chaotic. No  Kashmiri “leader” shall sacrifice the academic career of his or her children , let alone push them into Jihad to earn Sawab, instead they shall  feel protected  in parts of the country other than Kashmir and march ahead  pursuing their educational vocational and professional pursuits. Who lose and how much ?
Not drawing very optimistic conclusions for  thevery immediate near future but equally the days also are not very far off when contrary to what columns  of last pages of Kashmiri  vernacular press used to be full of, during early 1990s, now most of the people shall put public notices in them disassociating themselves with any “Tehrik -e- Aazadi ” or “Tehrik -e- Askari”. The captions used to be in 1990s  “”Ayaalbaarhon , mukhbirnahinhoon” (Am supporting a (large) family, am not an informer”). It shall now be ” Amanparasthoon, Qaumparsthoon” or (Am peace loving and a patriot). The circle is to move full and Kashmir looks poised for still more trouble  at the hands  of those who claim to “fight for Islam and Shariah  in Kashmir” or in other words even ISI of Pakistan is relegated to utter background  as ISIS is gradually attempting to take reins of disturbances and destruction in Kashmir in their own hands looking to the recently issued warnings  by the Hizbul to “Hypocrite” Hurriyat leaders NOT  to  interfere in the ” Islamic  struggle” . The warning spells out that the struggle in Kashmir was not political one as asserted by the Hurriyat leaders but an Islamic-  religious  one and the Muslims in Kashmir must “unite” against the “hypocrisy” of the Hurriyat leaders. Burhan Wani’s Hizbul successor “leader” has deflated the “political” wagon of Hurriyat by asking them as to why they had been using Masjids for propagation of the “movement” if it was not a religious , an Islamic movement instead of any political movement. That “decides” and “closes” the file of Kashmir  being a political problem .
Those who pitch their voices for talking to “all stake holders ” for resolving   the Kashmir issue being a “political problem” must now either openly contest this religious , fanatic and exclusive face of the trouble in Kashmir or quit politics and surrender personal  security provided to them by the Government . They must delineate and spill the beans of the nature and purpose of the so called “movement”  having agenda extraneous to anything called Kashmir. There  is scope of discussing political aspects within the constitution of India which does not recognize any struggle , not in the least , which Hizbul or others are spearheading. Hurriyat must read the writing on the wall and  nowjoin the mainstream in the interests of the Kashmiri people and to sustain and preserve mutual co-existence or secularism not in Kashmir alone but in the country as well since secularism in India is dependent on, if not subservient to, secularism in  Kashmir. That was precisely the idea, the purpose and the aim of the majority community not opposing the idea of India choosing to be a secular country after the country got partitioned on communal , two nations theory propounded and sought after by the  Muslim League.  The cake cannot be had, read snatched and eaten too. If the country is to always remain secular  where different sects, faiths, beliefs live together as fellow countrymen, as Indians, then Kashmir has got to be secular ,fully  Indian with no ambitions of anything else, Hizbul or any other political or religious ideology may daydream of.


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