Vilakshan appeals masses to vote in his favour

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Dec 17: Jammu and Kashmir National Panthers Party candidate from Nagrota constituency Advocate Vilakshan Singh made a fervour appeal to masses of Nagrota to vote in his favour asserting that he is committed to develop the Nagrota as a model constituency.
While addressing a press conference Advocate Vilakshan Singh said that the poor response and the support the other candidates were getting from the voters has started frustrating them and as a result these candidates have started making false and irresponsible statements.
Calling upon people to foil the machinations of anti-peace forces, Vilakshan Singh said that communal politics has no place in a State that has been abode of the people belonging to different faiths, who have been living in harmony.
He decried the opportunistic politics of Congress, NC and PDP, besides divisive attempts of BJP and said National Panthers Party only believes in serving the people rather than craving for power.
He said that BJP exploited the voters of Jammu region in the name of Article 370 of the Constitution of India and was able to win both MP seats from Jammu province but now BJP has forgotten all its promises and slogans given in the past.
Vilakshan Singh said that even during the natural disaster which wrecked havoc in the State, the Central BJP Government kept its focus on Kashmir province and ignored Jammu totally. He said that the people of Jammu province had voted for BJP in LoK Sabha elections after loosing faith in Congress and NC Government but now they are feeling cheated.


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