Vigilance reviews Roshini

State Vigilance Commission (SVC) reviewed for the second time the alleged cases of irregularity in regard to transfer of land under the scheme called Roshini. All top brass of Vigilance Organisation attended the meeting which was chaired by the Chief Vigilance Commissioner Kuldeep Khoda. At least the ball has been set in motion and if the momentum continues, the vigilance sleuths will be able to conduct business at a rapid speed. There have been various complaints pending with the SVC and the alleged land scandal of Roshini project was also among these. If the lid is taken off the Pandora Box, many bizarre stories will be revelled.
We are aware that the functionality of the State Vigilance Commission is hampered by inadequacy of manpower and it is unable to dispose off the cases that are pending before it. It has already approached the Government to provide it with skilled and unskilled staff so that the work of dispensing justice to the accused people is not halted. However people are pinning many hopes with the Vigilance Commission and they expect it to bring the cases of corruption and bribery among the echelons of administrative staff and their irregularities to the notice of the public. We know that this is not an easy job by any means but we have confidence in the competence and capability of our Vigilance team in contributing practically to the establishment of good governance in this state.