Video of Indian, Chinese troops shaking hands appears

NEW DELHI: A video today surfaced of troops from India and China shaking hands apparently to resolve a dispute at Tuting in Arunachal Pradesh where Chinese teams had attempted to build a road on the Indian side of the border.

Though the veracity of the video could not be ascertained, official sources said it appeared to be genuine.

In the video, an Indian officer is seen talking to Chinese military personnel to resolve the issue. After a brief conversation, the two personnel, accompanied by their respective colleagues, were seen shaking hands.

On December 28, Indian troops had foiled attempts by Chinese road building teams to build a track around one kiolometre inside Indian territory in Tuting, Government sources had said.

They had said that the civilian teams went back when confronted by the Indian troops, but left behind two excavators and some other equipment. (AGENCIES)


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