Vice Prez Dhankhar says Parliamentary disruptions matter of concern

JAIPUR, Aug 22: Commenting on parliamentary proceedings today, Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar on Tuesday said the Constituent Assembly faced no disruptions “even for a single day” though it debated more complex issues.
Speaking during a programme at Sainik School in Rajasthan’s Chittorgarh, he noted that parliamentary disruptions in the present times is a mater of concern.
“As the chairman of Rajya Sabha, I express my pain. The Constituent Assembly that gave us the Constitution held several meetings for around three years. The issues before it were divisive and complex as compared to the matters in the present, but all those were solved by deliberations,” Dhankhar said.
“There were no disturbances in the Constituent Assembly even for a single day or moment. In that context, if I see today’s condition, it is a matter of concern and contemplation,” he rued.
The vice president also hailed the Indian judicial system and said no one should be allowed to act as a loose cannon and secure justice by taking to streets.
“The tendency to take to streets to secure justice without availing justice as prescribed by law will lead to anarchy. Our judicial system is very robust. In recent days, important judgments have been delivered with impartiality. There is no reason that our faith in institutions should shake. We cannot give the right to anybody to run down the credibility of institutions,” he said.
He said India is rising and by the turn of this decade, it will become the third largest economy of the world.
Dhankhar, who did his schooling from Sainik School, Chittorgarh, urged the students to always keep national interest above anything else.
“It is not an option. This is the only way. We cannot compromise our national interest. We should always be a proud Indian,” he said.
He also asked them not to have fear of failure and that they should be disciplined.
Recalling his school days, he said studying in Sainik School was like a “rebirth” and that he owed whatever he has achieved in life to the school and its teachers. (PTI)