VHP takes out ‘Ram baraat’ from Ayodhya

AYODHYA, Nov 21: The Vishva Hindu Parishad took out the “Ram Baraat” with much fanfare from Ayodhya on Thursday.

The procession will reach Janakpur in Nepal, which is considered as the ancestral place of Sita.

The wedding procession is expected to reach Janakpur by November 28, where the wedding of Lord Rama and Sita will be celebrated on December 1.

VHP leader Rajendra Singh Pankaj, who led the procession, said they would pass through districts of eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar before entering Nepal from Sitamarhi.

The VHP took out the procession from Ayodhya on two decorated chariots with artistes dressed as Lord Ram, Laxman and Bharat.

About 200 ‘baratis’, including VHP activists and seers, started the 800-kilometre journey in around two dozen cars and buses.

“The procession will halt at different places in eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, where people will be joining it,” Pankaj said.

The wedding procession is being organised under the banner of the Dharmyatra Mahasangh, a wing of the VHP.

The ”tilakotsava” will be held on November 29 at the Dashrath temple of Janakpur.

”Kanya pujan” is slated for November 30 followed by ”Ramlila”, ”dhanush yajna” and ”jaimala” on December 1.

”Kalewa” is on December 2 after which the ”baraat” will set on return journey via Gorakhpur and expected to reach Ayodhya on December 3. (PTI)