VHP, KPC, others question Govt’s return move for KPs

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Jan 21: Various organizations have questioned the resolution passed by State Legislature on return and rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits in Valley.
While commenting on the resolution, VHP senior leader Dr Rama Kant Dubey today demanded a probe that who were the forces responsible for throwing over seven lakh Pandits out from Valley on the basis of their faith.
In a statement here, the VHP leader said what was the role of the political parties who were in power at Centre and also the NC and Congress which was in power in the State at that time? Dr Singh demanded a white paper on the same. He said why these political parties maintained total silence in last 27 years over the plight of Pandits and did not utter a word on their rehabilitation in Valley despite Pandits being the indigenous people of Kashmir who have a cultural history of over 5000 years. He said being the Brahmins by cast the Kashmir was seat of learning from Vedic period and the Brhamins of Kashmir were so supreme that even Pandits from Kashi used to come there to take their advice on important religious issues. He said it is a pity that these people are living in exile for last 27 years and successive governments at Centre and State failed tom muster the courage to rehabilitate them in their homeland.
KPC has also rejected the resolution passed in the State on the return of displaced KPs to their native places in the Valley and called it an another gimmick and befooling the Kashmiri Pandits by the political parties for their narrow political interests.
In a statement issued here today KPC president Kundan Kashmiri said KPs will return on their own terms and condition at consolidated rehabilitation at the land of Kashyap with in the ambit of Indian Constitution.
Kashmiri, stated that KPs the victims of Pak sponsored terrorism are surprised over this resolution passed by the State Legislature, and said this way these politicians have rubbed salt to their scars. He said it is just a lip service, befooling Kashmiri Pandits, hoodwinking the public opinion and much more for public consumption than helping out the displaced people in distress.
Kashmiri said KPs will return on their own terms and conditions to Kashmir where writ of Indian Constitution runs large and they will not face again the situation faced by them in 1989-90 or last year when over 2000 Pandit employees were forced to flee from their camps during night. He demanded these employees be posted outside Valley.
Relief holders representative from Jagti Sunil Pandita has also turned down the resolution saying the Pandits especially those putting up in camps be taken into confidence as Pandits will not like to be scapegoats again. He while criticism the State Government for its callousness towards the community said that it has failed to even provide relief and ration in time. While ration has not been supplied for last two months the cash assistance of December is still awaited by relief holders though January is also to close now. He said how the Pandits can trust such a political dispensation which has not been able to release their ration and relief in time.
However commenting on the resolution the Jagti Tenement Committee (JTC) president Shadi Lal Pandita said that Pandits are willing to return and it has been a ,long pending demand of the community provided three satellite townships are constructed in erstwhile three districts of Kashmir i.e Anantnag, Srinagar and Baramulla.
The JTC which held a meeting today also condemned the Hurriyat for opposing return of Pandits and the statements made by different Pandit organisations in this regard. He said these organizations do not represent community and have deprived it of their basic facilities for their vested interests. He has also sought compensation on account of loss of property. It demanded Government should take real representatives of the community into confidence.